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Edition 01 – September 2010


Have you ever wondered how you can “Engage your Creativity”?  This month of September ushers in the Season II of the Interface Rendezvous bi-monthly breakfast conversations, (themed Engaging Creativity (sub-themed the Business of Storytelling). It is with great excitement that we introduce to you some of talented minds, who will be steering the conversations


It’s RSVP. Please send a text to 08030662184 for a seat reservation and you will get an invite. Gate is Free. Limited seats available.

Date: Sept. 11, 2010.

Venue: No 3 Abiola Segun Ajayi Street, Off Muri Okunola, Victoria Island

Time: 9am prompt.



Chi Okonjo

Chi Okonjo (Setting The Pace): WHY CREATE AN ENTERPRISE?

Chi-Chi is an alumnus of University of Maryland, College Park and the Mc Donough School of business. He is also the CEO and Managing director of GeorgeTown Capital Partners. He is the founder of WIYAS (What is Your African strategy) Annual Summit. Chi is also the founder and only male trustee of WIMBIZ (Women in Management and Business).

Patricia Omoqui

Patricia Omoqui: (HARNESS YOUR POWER)

Pat is a uniquely inspiring author, speaker, poet, and life coach. As a speaker, Patricia delivers her message with passion igniting the best in individuals and organizations. Patricia empowers her listeners to understand and step into their own true power and potential. Patricia is an internationally recognized writer. She’s the creator of ‘Harness Your Power’, a seminar that provides essential practical tools that enables participants to align their energies into creating the kind of life they truly love. She writes a motivational weekly column for Vanguard newspapers.

Chineze Anyaene Chineze Anyaene (THE STORY BEHIND THE STORY)

Her profile reads like self glorifying pages from an autobiography, but I assure you these facts are real.  This University of Abuja, Theatre Arts graduate is currently pursuing a Masters degree in Directing from the New York Film Academy. The twenty six year old producer made her film debut with Ijé (The journey) making her the first student in the history of NYFA to shoot a feature film while still in school. Ijé has won numerous awards and has been selected to participate at competitive level at seven film festivals. According to her, ‘I love the thrills and challenges that movie making gives me’.

Segun Adefila Segun Adefila (THE STORY OF THE BARIGA BOY)

He is a consummate young artiste-choreographer, composer and presently the leader of Crown Troupe of Africa, an itinerant dance troupe based in Lagos. A graduate of the Creative Arts Department, University of Lagos. Adefila says his zeal for acting came from his leaving room. ‘Campus Queen’- a movie performed by Mainframe Production was his baptismal outing in home video.

Chude JideonwoChude Jideonwo (ANOTHER SIDE OF NAIJA)

He is a celebrated copy editor, publicist, producer and creative director of RedSTRAT Communications. This Lawyer turned prolific journalist will be sharing at the Interface.

Oge Okoye: (The Making of a Good Documentary)

Oge holds a Masters from Pan African University and she is specialized in documentaries. In this episode she shares with us the making of a documentary.

Onyeka Nwelue


Author Onyeka Nwelue is the author of the book “THE ABYSSINIAN BOY” after a year of schooling and lecturing in India he is set to produce his own movie, THE DISTANT LIGHT.

Remember, our inability to achieve today what we have planned to achieve, will inevitably hinder what we have planned for tomorrow.

On our stables:

Please we will like you to encourage the following young authors by buying copies of their books:

Comrade by Tosin Otitoju (1,000)

Out of Curiousity by Nwando O. (N1, 500)

Sad Nectar by Prince Wale (N900)

Seeds of Greatness by Dappa Maple (N1,000)


As always the core objectives of the Interface are to provide a forum:

  • For young people to find like minds and build relationships and friendship that can be mutually beneficial to their dreams
  • To provide a mentoring system for young people
  • To initiate a self-development culture and build avid and informed young minds through various reading clubs and schemes
  • To bring a sense of empowerment by exposing young minds to opportunities around


Ferdie Adimefe

Ibifiri Mobolaji Kamson   Ekenem Mowah Eboh    Dele Agunloye

Chuks Ogene      Stanley Achonu       Femi Ojo

Olumide Fayakin          Lami Idakwo


Interface Basketball league

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Basic Idea: This league is a simple web of young professionals who love to play the game! It is a forum which combines relaxation with purpose, networking and the spirit of sportsmanship. The idea is to allow young professionals have fun with other professionals, friends and family.

Vision: To create a clean fun space for young professionals outside work.

Players: Two target leagues: Young professionals from various sectors. Secondary school students in the neighbourhood

Teams will be based on industry classification for the young professionals. For the secondary school students, it will be based on their schools.

What we hope to achieve: The numbers of options available to have a good time are limited even though the numbers of hangout spots are increasing. We hope to create a space where people from various walks of life would interact through friendly competition. This interaction extends to other activities and many businesses, relationships and ideas are developed as a result. We also hope to cultivate in the young students, as well as the professionals, the ability to combine various aspects of life into a successful lifestyle.

What we need

People(players, coaches, etc)

Location (fun turf?)

Funding for gear and equipment (high quality)

Design of tournament

Marketing and publicity

Medical supplies and personnel (as part of interface)

Links to various leagues and how we can partner

Any sponsorship

How can non-basketballers participate?

Once upon a time

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Once upon a time in Echo Park neighborhood of Los Angeles a little boy was born to a Italian Immigrant father and a Greek immigrant mother, on April 13, 1944. His name John Paul Jones DeJoria. By the age of 2 his parents were divorced. He started selling christmas cards and newspaper with his elder brother when he was 9. Since it was difficult for his mother to support them, he was sent to the foster home in East Los Angeles.

John Paul Jones DeJoria spent a lot of time on the streets. His turning point in life began when his math teacher at John Marshall High School, told him that he would never amount to anything good in life. So he decided to become better and prove that they were wrong. He graduated from high school in 1962 and spent 2 years in the United States Navy.  He went through a series of job in his life before he went into the world of hair care. He was employed by Redken Laboratories, but was fired from his position due to some business strategy disagreements. In 1980 he formed “John Paul Mitchell System” with the then very skilled hair dresser Paul Mitchell with a loan of about $700 (#105000).

Today DeJoria empire has grown. He has interests in Ultimat Vodka, Diamond AUdio, Harley Davidson, Touchstone Natural Gas, Solar Utility etc. He his said to have revenues of about $1 billion annually.

The life of DeJoria is one that a lot of people can relate to. How can a boy of the streets become somebody well recognized and enormously rich? How did he do it?

His success can be attributed to determination, diligence, being street smart, vigorous marketing skills and above all not giving up when the shots where down.

One can never make a difference in life if giving up is the only way out. The journey to having a voice is not smooth, whether it be Nigeria or America. As we use our creative skills, we shouldn’t forget that it is impossible to achieve anything without determination and diligence.

Like DeJoria it is time to show the world that we can be make it. Remember he started with hair care products and a loan of $700.

Notez Bien: “one can make money through everything and anything, just think creatively and with determination, comes the cash flow.

P.S.”Interface “the creative community” is always here for you, never forget this.

Please don’t forget out next hang out is on the 11th of September, 2010. Come prepared for we are going to blow your minds.

Take care,


Building A Strong Brand

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As much as creativity is the key word here, your creativity may not go to far if its not branded right. Whatever you do, should be branded properly. What distinguishes a product from another is the way it is packaged, branded. Now what is the meaning of branding and how can it help one grow?

Branding is a type of product manufactured by a particular company under a particular name.

Hmmm!!!!! what do they actually mean. If a product is unique and has a strong brand no matter what storm come its way it is able to survive and sustain its brand.

The most popular brand is the Coca cola brand, Coca cola is the most recognized brand in the world. In 1915 Earl R. Dean of the root glass company was given a task to design a bottle for Coca cola of which when dark the bottle could still be recognized. Not only that even when smached the coca cola bottle could be recognized by its pieces. (This is making the little things matter in other to achieve one’s aim). Today Coca cola is sold in over 200 countries around the world, that’s an estimation of WHAT? The whole world. It cuts across religion, beliefs and culture.

An interesting brand is the Kellogg’s brand. After spending many years experimenting and researching, Kellogg’s had a deal with a Dannish commercial music laboratory that specialized in the exact crunchy sensation of a  breakfast cereal. kellogg’s wanting to patent their own crunch had the laboratory create a highly distinctive unique crunch for kellogg’s. The day kellogg’s introduced their new brand the level of the brand skyrocketed. (Hmmmm don’t you just love the crunchiness of the Kellogg’s each time you take a spoon?)…

Has it ever occurred to you why you always smell freshly baked bread whenever you go into big departementals stores that have bakeries? Its almost impossible to walk pass the smell of freshly baked bread even when you are on a diet. Departmental stores use specially designed vents to disperse baking aromas. e.g. “Shoprite”. (Hmmm!!!! no wonder one always perceive the smell of freshly baked bread). One can never underestimate the power of a strong brand.

The brand most loved by families is “Walt Disney”. Each of its creative pieces stand out uniquely in its own way. Example ” Mickey Mouse, Donald duck, the fairytales stories, Hannah Montana, The Jonas Brothers, High School Musical. Kids make their parents buy and buy and buy. Right now you can almost find Hannah Montana everything. The novels translated in different languages, hair cream, hair color, eye color, Barbie dolls etc. (Note: Hannah Montana television series only debuted March 24, 2006 on the Disney Channel) hmmm! what a strong brand.

In our quest to be creative or encourage the best creative minds ever we should learn that creativity mixed with a powerful branding, especially brands through touch, taste, smell, sight and sound will set us apart from the crowd.

Extracts: “Brand Sense”, by Martin Lindstorm.

P.S: go and build yourself a strong brand”

Remember Interface ” the creative Community” is always here for you.


What is Creativity?

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According to the New Oxford American Dictionary “Creativity” can be defined as: ” relating to or involving the imagination or original ideas, especially in the production of an artistic work”.

Sentence example: ” Change unleashes people’s creative energy”. How true this little sentence is. They say Nigeria has a basket full of creative minds, is this true? Can we prove to the world that Nigeria, Africa has more to offer than poverty, war, malaria and corruption?

We preach about creativity. How do we use it? How do we create it? How do we make other’s appreciate our works. In our search for money, or the fear of poverty we have been able to develop factors for survival, both morally and immorally. Someone once said that even the act of 419 is creativity (lol). The bad thing about using one’s creativity for unlawfully things is judgement day. For every man has his own judgement day. Be warned.

Like was stated in the last post Interface is here to help you harness your creativity.

“Do you know that working with your hands, creating things of beauty and worth, builds inner happiness? Boris Bali, former Dean of Fine Arts, Temple University, said, ” I am convinced that every human being possesses a creative urge to make beautiful things, that this urge can be brought out and put to work with proper encouragement, and that suppression of it results in maladjustment”.

Notez bien: ” a routine therapy used in mental hospitals has been to give the patients creative things to do with their hands”. Extracts from “Fascinating Womanhood” by Helen Andelin.

Everybody possesses creativity in him or her waiting to be set free and explored. Don’t think you cannot do it. Don’t think you cannot be the next Computer Guru or Business Tycoon or President. Lesser men have accomplished more.

Interface is here to encourage you and believe in you. We will never suppress your dream no matter how foolish it may seem. For everyone has something good to offer.

Have a lovely weekend and remain creative.



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Hi everyone, sorry for the break in transmission, this will not happen again. The Interface blog is now very active and we are saying thank you to all our followers and every member of the Interface Community.

Notez Bien: For the past week, the topic about opportunity has just been in the air, everywhere one goes Mr Opportunity springs up. Where can we find this Mr Opportunity, this ladder that will lead us to our future or sometimes our destiny? How can we discover HIM, Mr Opportunity, especially in a country where the factors of our daily lives thrive to destroy whatever Mr Opportunity has out there for us….

The awnser is the Interface…..the creative community…. it is a platform where creative minds can meet. Where people are mentored. Where talents are discovered, cultivated and nurtured into something great and influential. As much as life seems difficult, we just want to let you know that we are here and ready to be of help, to encourage and help you create your dream.

Recommended book ” Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell.

Have a nice day.


Youth gather for entrepreneurship @ The Interface Season 1

July breakfast meeting

By Ben Ezeamalu of Next Newspaper, lagos

July 26, 2010 02:31AM

There is a creative economy in Nigeria that needs to be developed, and there is a need to harness the different potentials, abilities, talents, skills, and bring them on a common platform for expression. This was the purpose of a gathering tagged ‘Nigeria and the Creative Economy,’ a forum where young and prospective entrepreneurs from all walks of lives met to network and exchange ideas.

According to The Interface, the organizers of the forum which held on Saturday in Lagos, there is a gap in creativity in the country and so creative minds need a lot of encouragement in this part of the world. “We need a platform where we can collectively build capacity, where we can collectively find mentors that can mentor people in different areas, where we can share our stories, learn our lessons, make our mistakes, correct ourselves, and grow our businesses,” said Ferdinand Adimefe, one of the organizers. Some of the speakers at the gathering included Pai Gamde, HiTV’s Head of Human Resource and Administration; Uche Nworah, a writer; Tosin Otitoju, poet and lecturer at the Systems Engineering Department, University of Lagos; Uche Eze of Bella Naija, an Entertainment, Fashion, and Lifestyle website.

A guest speaker at the forum Photo by Benjamin Ezeamalu

Youth and excellence

In her presentation titled ‘A Life of Excellence – Duck or Eagle,’ Ms. Gamde encouraged the gathering to imbibe excellence as a way of life in all their endeavours. “Excellence is a way of life, it is not a destination,” she said. “The difference between excellence and mediocre is the willingness to go beyond your limitation and operate your comfort zone.” She enjoined the youth to celebrate their accomplishments and at the same time raise their bar a bit higher. Mr. Nworah also advised the youth to be independent while striving for excellence. “You really have to make a lot of effort for yourself,” he said. “As a creative person, you have to make a drive for yourself. Whatever you decide to do, there is a space for you. There is a lot of opportunity in this country.”

Motivated youth

Some of the participants at the forum expressed satisfaction at being a part of the gathering. Adewale Oreshade, final year Law student of the University of Lagos, said he had been motivated by the presentations he had witnessed. “I think all of them have been able to simplify and demystify phenomenon and philosophies we’ve always had in our hearts and have been afraid of all our lives in the entrepreneur world, in the leadership world, in a managerial society and realm,” said Mr. Oreshade.

Another participant, Taiwo Fapohunda, said the knowledge gained from the forum would be invested in his recently established cleaning business in Ketu. “When Uche (Eze) said something about structure and strategy. Strategy has always been a big deal for me. Setting up a company, what’s the strategy? What’s the plan? What are the research and goals behind it? But now I’ve learnt that it is basically careful planning for future forecast. It’s been wonderful being here,” he said.

Culled from 234Next Newspaper

Participants @ Interface Season 1

Participants @ Interface Season 1

A resource person

Another facilitator

Welcome To the Interface Blog

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“One Vision…. Diverse Expressions”


Why interface

The Interface is a business forum that thrives on creativity and innovation. As a major platform it creates room for smart and curious audience to engage great uber-bright minds, experts and researchers as they share startling and unfolding ideas in the global clime.

The beauty of this community is the diversity of expressions from different professions and careers, all in one room, in cross fertilization conversations that will be mutually beneficial to all irrespective of their fields of endeavours.

We believe in the nearest future, INTERFACE will become the largest place where entrepreneurs, creative minds and leaders from every industry would come together to learn, reflect, collaborate, and take action to develop the Nigeria economy

The core objectives of the Interface are to provide a forum:

  • For young people to find like minds and build relationships and friendship that can be mutually beneficial to their dreams
  • To provide a mentoring system for young people
  • To initiate a self-development culture and build avid and informed young minds through various reading clubs and schemes
  • To bring a sense of empowerment by exposing young minds to opportunities around


Somewhere in the country, a young person is seated, gazing at an empty wall, wondering what next? You have the answer!

Andrew Nachison was spot on when he said, “The real disruptors of the next decade won’t be companies, but people -creative, entrepreneurs, opportunists, who are transforming the global economy, developers, designers, marketers, sales people, business analyst, project managers, accountants, lawyers and other professionals scattered around the globe, connecting and working from anywhere to build business and solve problems everywhere. “


“We are journeying it to the future..