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Report compiled by Amarachukwu Iwuala

Since 2001, September 11 has become ingrained on the minds of many as a day of tears and pain. This is why the organizers of the Interface chose this same date to have an engaging conversation that can imprint a different and positive memory of a better future on the minds of people. Each Interface event is like finding a piece of a jigsaw puzzle that would eventually culminate into the development of Nigeria’s creative economy. The best part of the event is always the camaraderie of meeting people of like minds, and having inspiring and interactive presentations. The Interface Season II was themed, “Engaging Creativity” (sub-themed the Business of Storytelling).  True to theme, 7 writers presented their debut books: Tosin Otitoju, “Comrade”, Nwando Onyeabo “Out of Curiosity”, Tolu Akanni, “A-Z Life Lessons”, Dappa Maple, “Seeds of Greatness”, and Wale Oreshade, the author of “Sad Nectar”. They all spoke about their challenges, what inspired them and how they raised funds to publish their books.  Another writer Onyeka Nwelue, author of the ”Abyssinian Boy”, also talked about his movie project that he is currently working on titled “The Distant Light”.

The first conversation was led by the delectable Muinat Atunnise, the head of Data and Underwriting Unit of Hygeia Nigeria Limited; her presentation was on Emotional Intelligence (EI). She elaborated on the elements of EI: identifying, using, understanding and managing emotions. She also linked EI to self awareness, self regulation, motivation, empathy and social skills.

A thrilling musical rendition came from the trio: Tamunoomoni, Sowari and Telema Green, three young siblings aged 10-14. They performed two songs from the flute and saxophone that earned a deafening applause and a standing ovation from the audience.

The second speaker and is an author and a life coach from Philadelphia USA, Mrs. Patricia Omoqui. Pat is an American, but is married to a Nigerian from Edo State. She talked about observing the mind, turning fears and negative self –talk into positive expressions. This, she maintained could open up untold possibilities. Moreover, she advised the audience to practice the new thinking.

Chi Okonjo the CEO and Managing director of Georgetown Capital Partners also took the centre stage and gave an inspiring presentation, urging Nigerian youths to engender change by acting right rather than just talking. He equally enjoined the youths to read Chinua Achebe’s book, The Trouble with Nigeria, noting that the same problems the author talked about persist decades after. He enumerated the key attributes of successful entrepreneur or business leader, which include vision, optimism and ruthless focus.  He also shared basic principles of entrepreneurship and why young people should venture into entrepreneurship as well as possible ways of raising capital. He also recommended for discourse in the next Interface the book titled “Titans”.

Another speaker was Chude Jideonwo, who is one of the organizers of the Future Award, spoke about “Another Side of Naija, citing instances of how youth can bring about social revolution and change.

Segun Adefila, the director of Crown Troupe, shared heartfelt experiences of organizing the Crown Troupe and the challenges and successes recorded so far. He said it is tough, but we must find that one thing that can give us joy and fulfillment above our disturbing reality.

More reports and pictures coming soon

  1. Prince Adewale Oreshade says:

    …Interface has been fantastic I would say. I actually got the young chap that helped me with my most captivating front page from there…Chux Ogene is his name…

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