Interface Basketball league

Posted: September 8, 2010 in Uncategorized

Basic Idea: This league is a simple web of young professionals who love to play the game! It is a forum which combines relaxation with purpose, networking and the spirit of sportsmanship. The idea is to allow young professionals have fun with other professionals, friends and family.

Vision: To create a clean fun space for young professionals outside work.

Players: Two target leagues: Young professionals from various sectors. Secondary school students in the neighbourhood

Teams will be based on industry classification for the young professionals. For the secondary school students, it will be based on their schools.

What we hope to achieve: The numbers of options available to have a good time are limited even though the numbers of hangout spots are increasing. We hope to create a space where people from various walks of life would interact through friendly competition. This interaction extends to other activities and many businesses, relationships and ideas are developed as a result. We also hope to cultivate in the young students, as well as the professionals, the ability to combine various aspects of life into a successful lifestyle.

What we need

People(players, coaches, etc)

Location (fun turf?)

Funding for gear and equipment (high quality)

Design of tournament

Marketing and publicity

Medical supplies and personnel (as part of interface)

Links to various leagues and how we can partner

Any sponsorship

How can non-basketballers participate?


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