Posted: August 24, 2010 in Uncategorized

Hi everyone, sorry for the break in transmission, this will not happen again. The Interface blog is now very active and we are saying thank you to all our followers and every member of the Interface Community.

Notez Bien: For the past week, the topic about opportunity has just been in the air, everywhere one goes Mr Opportunity springs up. Where can we find this Mr Opportunity, this ladder that will lead us to our future or sometimes our destiny? How can we discover HIM, Mr Opportunity, especially in a country where the factors of our daily lives thrive to destroy whatever Mr Opportunity has out there for us….

The awnser is the Interface…..the creative community…. it is a platform where creative minds can meet. Where people are mentored. Where talents are discovered, cultivated and nurtured into something great and influential. As much as life seems difficult, we just want to let you know that we are here and ready to be of help, to encourage and help you create your dream.

Recommended book ” Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell.

Have a nice day.



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