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Posted: August 15, 2010 in Uncategorized

“One Vision…. Diverse Expressions”


Why interface

The Interface is a business forum that thrives on creativity and innovation. As a major platform it creates room for smart and curious audience to engage great uber-bright minds, experts and researchers as they share startling and unfolding ideas in the global clime.

The beauty of this community is the diversity of expressions from different professions and careers, all in one room, in cross fertilization conversations that will be mutually beneficial to all irrespective of their fields of endeavours.

We believe in the nearest future, INTERFACE will become the largest place where entrepreneurs, creative minds and leaders from every industry would come together to learn, reflect, collaborate, and take action to develop the Nigeria economy

The core objectives of the Interface are to provide a forum:

  • For young people to find like minds and build relationships and friendship that can be mutually beneficial to their dreams
  • To provide a mentoring system for young people
  • To initiate a self-development culture and build avid and informed young minds through various reading clubs and schemes
  • To bring a sense of empowerment by exposing young minds to opportunities around


Somewhere in the country, a young person is seated, gazing at an empty wall, wondering what next? You have the answer!

Andrew Nachison was spot on when he said, “The real disruptors of the next decade won’t be companies, but people -creative, entrepreneurs, opportunists, who are transforming the global economy, developers, designers, marketers, sales people, business analyst, project managers, accountants, lawyers and other professionals scattered around the globe, connecting and working from anywhere to build business and solve problems everywhere. “


“We are journeying it to the future..



  1. uchenna says:

    Well done guys!!Keep up the good work….

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